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Hello, I am Chris. Most people know me as diyquant. I perform automatic trading using quantitative analysis mostly in the realm of momentum strategy. I am an advocate of automated trading. Main reasons are it helps to give investors an edge by removing emotions from the market and its ability to backtest gives investors more confidence in their strategies.

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I present a very different style of trading that derives trading decisions based on computational science and big data analysis. I believe this is giving me an edge in the market and the result so far confirms it. My ultimate (super long term) aim is to turn this into a quant fund. Here is my system's current performance.

US Portfolio

(updated 1st Jan 2018)
Total Return since inception (June 2016)
74.08% (31.75% for SPY)
Total Return YTD
45.85% (18.42% for SPY)
Monthly Returns

Portfolio holdings (as of 1st Jan 2018 updated every start of month)
NVFYNova Lifestyle43.37%
LUNALuna Innovations13.01%
RIBTRiceBran Technologies0.00%
LRADLRAD Corporation-0.43%
ALSKAlaska Comm Sys...-4.76%

Singapore Portfolio 

(updated 1st Jan 2018)
Total Return since inception (June 2016)
87.26% (27.20% for ES3)
Total Return YTD
61.87% (21.11% for ES3)
Monthly Returns

Portfolio holdings (as of 1st Jan 2018 updated every start of month)
AXBYongnam Holdings50.00%
T24Tuan Sing Holdings34.25%
SK7OUE Hospitality Trust4.12%

Check out the performance posts for more details.


Follow My System's Trading Journal

People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do 
- Lewis Cass

Lead by Example. I am already in it.

This is for transparency and accountability. Followers will be assured that for every trades posted, I would already have a position in the stock. All trades buy/sell will be posted after market close on the day I made the trade.

Proven Track Record.

Follow closely my trading journal and you potentially could get the same kind of returns. Check out the latest performance report of my system's portfolio in US and Singapore in the section above.

What do you get?

  1. Follow all the stocks that my system buy/sell. Learn from each trade to hone your trading skills
  2. Weekly postings of the system's action for the following week, the current market direction and current portfolio overview
  3. Monthly postings of the system's current performance report
  4. Get insights into psychological mindset of a systematic/automatic trader and tips and tricks to be an efficient systematic/automatic trader.

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  • SGD25.00 per month
  • SGD250.00 per year


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Learn Programming to build an Automated Trading System

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

I am an advocate of automatic trading. I have many years of experience organising IT workshops to clients in the banking sector. Please check out my programming workshops if you are interested to learn how to code your own automated trading system.

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